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Range Rover Evoque Engines

Engine code Engine size Cylinders Fuel Year Chassis KW HP Valves
AJ20P3 1.5 l3 Petrol/Hybrid 2020-2022 - 118 227 12
PT153 1.5 l3 Petrol/Hybrid 2021-2022 - 147 0 12
TZ-180-X-S-C01 1.5 l3 Petrol/Hybrid 2021-2022 - 80 0 0
204DTA 2.0 l4 Diesel 2017-2019 L538 177 0 16
204DTA 2.0 l4 Diesel/Hybrid 2018-2022 - 177 0 16
204DTD 2.0 l4 Diesel 2015-2019 L538 110 132 16
204DTD 2.0 l4 Diesel/Hybrid 2018-2022 - 110 132 16
204PT 2.0 l4 Petrol 2011-2019 LV 176 179 16
AJ20D4 2.0 l4 Diesel 2020-2022 - 120 150 16
AJ20D4 2.0 l4 Diesel/Hybrid 2020-2022 - 120 150 16
AJ21D4 2.0 l4 Diesel 2020-2022 - 120 150 16
AJ21D4 2.0 l4 Diesel/Hybrid 2020-2022 - 120 150 16
PT204 2.0 l4 Petrol 2017-2019 L538 147 297 16
PT204 2.0 l4 Petrol/Hybrid 2021-2022 - 147 183 16
224DT 2.2 l4 Diesel 2011-2019 LV 110 140 16

Buy Top Quality Engines for your Range Rover Evoque

Instead of spending money on new engines or looking for the engine at the local car market, you should instead contact us with your requirements and we will give you the engine that you need. We have a variety of Range Rover Evoque engines available in our inventory. Our advanced facility is the best place to have the engine installed. Our decades of experience mean that we can have the engine set up in a short time since it's become an automatic process for us. We have used and rebuilt Range Rover engines in our inventory. If for whatever reason, we don't have the engine you require in stock, we can offer the possibility of rebuilding your current Range Rover Evoque engine and will guarantee to create it to look and function as if it was a brand-new model.

Used and Recondition Range Rover Evoque engines at the lowest prices

Do you have the time to search for used or Reconditioned Range Rover Evoque models in garages? You don't have the time to wander around breakers' garages and yards. No need to worry because BM Engine Works is always there to help you during this difficult time.

We have an extensive and up-to-date inventory that includes the entire range of Range Rover Evoque diesel engines that we have in stock. Our service to customers is top-of-the-line. BM Engine Works offers the best service. You can find high-quality used Range Rover Evoque engines at the lowest prices along with the free standard warranty. The length of the warranty is dependent on the type and condition of the engine.

Customer Satisfaction and up to 60% savings both under one roof

We are proud to offer our customers 100% satisfaction, by providing a written warranty for each engine purchased from us or repaired by us. The duration of the warranty is based on the state of the vehicle. This gives huge satisfaction and confidence to our customers, and they are confident when conducting a deal with us. If you choose to purchase a used or refurbished motor from us, you could reduce your costs by up to 50% if you compare it to a brand-new model at the dealer. The sales during the festive season offer an additional discount of 10% that can increase your savings by 60 per cent.

Supply & Fit Service

We offer a secure and secure delivery option which means that you only need to place an order online and we will arrange for delivery of the engine to the desired location. We are also able to help you collect your vehicle if the pickup location is within the agreed-upon circle. We will pick up your vehicle, then get the engine set up and then compress and run-test it, and then return it to you. The rebuilding procedure must be completed in our workshop to get the best outcomes. We invite you to visit us to our workshop and experience our services to be able to see for yourself the difference we make.

200+ Latest Customer Reviews

Youtube reviews
Faultless Experience

Faultless experience with BM Engine Works. I was kept informed every day.

Youtube reviews
I Recommend Them Highly

I rang up many places and everyone recommended BM Engine Works. I used these guys as they not only fix your car but they look after you after they fix it. Highly recommended.

Youtube reviews
They Got the Job Done

Range Rover SVR. Such a great experience. They called me every day and got the job done. Very happy with their service. Thanks

Youtube reviews
Great experience

RANGE ROVER SPORT 3 LTR TDV6. Great experience with BM Engine Works. They kept in touch all the way through. Very happy with the engine install and service you provided. Thanks.

Youtube reviews
Fantastic Company

2014 LAND ROVER 3 LTR DISCOVERY TDV6. Found BM Engine Works fantastic company. Engine in my car was not working very well at all. Big issues, they fixed all the issues. They came and picked up the car. Everything is sweet. Fantastic company. Definitely will use it again.

Youtube reviews
Helpful Service

RANGE ROVER VOGUE 4.4 TDV8. I required an engine swap on my 4.4TDV8 RANGE ROVER VOGUE. I was provided brilliant, excellent and very helpful service. Very good and very informative all the way through. Thank you very much.

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